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Termes and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

The Dutch language is by law the only official language in the auction. ( Angu bvba ) is just the holder (intermediate) of the goods and therefore not the owner. The sale takes place against cash payment, with bank or credit card. The extra costs of the transactions will be paid by the buyer.

The goods and wines will be sold in the condition they are in, with all possible shortcomings in and mistakes of description. The buyer will be deemed to have investigated the state of the goods purchased. If he/she buys without preliminary investigation, the buyer will be deemed to have done this at one’s own risk. In any case the risk of damage or risk of the purchased passes immediately after the allotment to the buyers.

The lots as described in the catalogue are indicative and can never be regarded binding.

The estimates of the lots are based on prices in accordance with the market and are strictly indicative and exclusive of commission. The estimates are always by lot.

If lots are not present or not accurate caused by mistakes or other reasons, there is no liability for the holder of the goods particularly ( Angu bvba ). It is no reason to decompose the sale. Therefore by sale the bidder/buyer knows there is no right of recovery in case of shortcomings of the purchased (art. 1649 Civil Law) and neither for rescission (art. 1648 Civil Law).

The highest and last bidder will be, after payment, the owner of the lot. Every bid is unconditional and definite.

In case the highest and last bidders are two or more absentee bidders the allotment will go to absentee bidder who placed the bid first.

On the hammer price will be a buyer’s premium of 17% inclusive of VAT

All lots are being sold under the margin scheme with the exception of lots marked with 'On this lot the deductible 21% VAT is due'

If a lot is marked with 'On this lot the deductible 21% VAT is due', the hammer price excludes 14,05% buyer's premium + 21% deductible VAT

Immediately after the allotment the sold lots, that are stored with the most care, are for account and risk of the buyer. At that time every complaint is excluded. The purchased lots have to be paid and picked up within 7 days after the auction, on appointment. The lots not paid and picked up in time by the buyer will be stored on risk and costs of the buyer. These costs are € 1,50 a lot a day. The goods can only be paid and picked up after the sale. Goods whom not have been picked-up within 6 months will be resold by ( Angu bvba )

Each buyer is presumed to act on own account and is personal responsible for bids on behalf of third parties or for lots bought as a deputy.

In case two or more persons demand the same lot or in case difficulties of any nature would occur during allotment, the lot concerned will be brought back into auction.

The sequence of the catalogue will be followed, however ( Angu bvba ) has the right to combine lots or change the sequence of lots, take lots out of the auction and provide extra or different information.

The bidding happens by means of a paddle, one can obtain after a verified registration. ( Angu bvba ) takes charge of purchasing-orders. To be sure that these orders will be accepted, this should happen finally one hour prior to the start of the auction. Orders after this time will not be accepted.

All formalities like transportation, VAT, customs transport documents are for the full responsibility of the buyer. If desired ( Angu bvba ) can arrange transportation of the purchased against a compensation. In case of any dispute only the tribunals of Dendermonde are authorised.

Online bidding

After you registered successfully, you can start bidding on the lots of the auction currently online.

The auction is generally made available online 14 days prior to the actual auction day. The lots are described as accurately as possible, and we publish a photograph whenever we deem necessary. You are welcome to request additional photos if you wish. Please take note of the abbreviations and level indications. Information and explanations about these can be found on the right side of the auction menu screen.

If you are interested, you can place a bid which will be entered as a written bid during the auction. Under supervision of a court bailiff, the auction master will include your bid during the auction. The auction master will increase bidding levels stepwise to your highest bid. In other words, your winning bid can always be lower, but never higher! When someone outbids the highest written bid, your bids wil expire.

On the Monday following the auction, you will be informed whether your bids have been successfull or not. You are then requested to pay the amount due within 5 working days. We can also ship the wines to your address at interesting rates.

General and special consignment conditions

Unless separate specified, the public sales happen against the stated conditions below: ( Angu bvba ), organises public sales under supervision of a process-server, and acts every time exclusively as holder of the goods and never as seller, buyer or owner, regarding all goods and wines brought in for sale.

  1. The seller declares that the wines and goods brought in, are his possession, or otherwise has the admission to sell the lot for the owner.
  2. The seller carries full responsibility regarding the possession, the authenticity, the accuracy of facts and the nature and the state of the wines brought in. This in case of a dispute regarding the wines after the sale. He commits himself to safeguard ( Angu bvba ) against every possible lawsuit.
  3. The holder of the wines named ( Angu bvba ) takes no responsibility what so ever concerning authenticity, labels, brands and vintage of the bottles. Full responsibility on civil and crime issues lies with the seller.
  4. The seller has the right, during the handing over of a lot to set a “reserve price”: this is a minimum hammer price (commission included) for which a lot can be considered sold. Nevertheless the auctioneer has the right to apply a deviation with a maximum of 10% on the “reserve price”. In case there is no written agreement on the hammer price between seller and holder of the goods, the lot will be sold without a reserve price, that means “to the highest bidder”. When the seller demands a net price, only this net price will be paid. The seller cannot claim the difference between the net price and the hammer price.
  5. In case of effective allotment (the sale) the seller owes a commission to ( Angu bvba ). This commission is varying according to the nature, the level and the quantity of the goods that are brought in. This commission is an agreement between the seller and ( Angu bvba ). The commission will be deducted of the hammer price.
  6. ( Angu bvba ) determines the date which is most suitable to bring in the wines for the auction. ( Angu bvba ) obliges herself to auction the goods in consignment within six months after the date the goods are taken in consignment.
  7. The seller will be paid after deduction of the agreed commission and any costs after handing over the current document. The wines that are not sold will be picked up by the seller the latest on the day of the payment. The wines brought in and not sold, can be stored and picked up at the seller’s own risk and under full responsibility.. The wines that aren’t picked before or on the date of payment are charged with a flat-rate reimbursement of € 1,50 a day a lot.
  8. In case ( Angu bvba ) or an appointee collects the wines at the home and on demand of the seller, full responsibility lies with the seller. All necessary documents for this transport will be provided by the seller. In case of an accident, breakage, water damage etc. during the transport ( Angu bvba ) takes no responsibility on civil as on criminal justice.
  9. If a buyer for a certain reason refuses to pick up or pay the purchased wines, ( Angu bvba ) will only pay the seller after a second sale, taking the first sale in consideration. There cannot be any argument in case of a possible price difference.
  10. ( Angu bvba ) is never responsible for leakage of bottles or movements of corks before, after or during the auction. This responsibility is for the seller.
  11. ( Angu bvba ) will take the utmost care to the lots entrusted; nevertheless ( Angu bvba ) is not responsible for possible damaging, breakage or theft before, during or after the auction.
  12. The seller has, at the maximum of six months after the auction, time to collect the revenue and unsold lots. After this time ( Angu bvba ) will not do any payments, the revenue and unsold lots will become the possession of ( Angu bvba ).
  13. On each occasion the seller should give state of accountability for VAT, All possible tax impacts are for the account of this seller.
  14. All verbal agreements that are not confirmed in writing by ( Angu bvba ) , do not exist.
  15. In case of any disputes only the tribunals of Dendermonde are authorized.