Can I bid 'live' at the auction?

At this moment it is not yet possible to offer 'live' via the internet. You can bid 'live' in the room or by mail before the auction. You can also log in and make a bid online.

Can I change my bid?

If you want to change your bid, you can make a new bid via the website. The final bid applies.

Can I change or cancel my bid?

If you wish to change your bid, you can make a new bid via the website. The last entered bid applies during the auction.

Can I view the wines in advance?

The wines can be viewed one hour before the start of the auction. If you wish, you can always obtain additional photos for wines / lots that are of interest to you.

Was my bid successful?

Written bidders will receive an overview within two days after the auction.

What are the payment options?

After the auction you can pay in cash (limited to 3,000 €) or by bank or credit card. You can also pay by bank transfer. The transaction costs are for your charge. Payment and collection of the purchased wines must take place within 5 days after the auction. Wines are only offered or sent after receipt of the full payment.

What is my total price?

The hammer price + buyers commission of 17% without any additional costs.
This when collecting the allocated lots. Possible shipping and delivery costs can be obtained without obligation.

When are the auction results available?

Wednesday after the auction the hammer prices exclusive commission can be consulted on the website.

When can I pick up the purchased wines?

At the end of the auction you can take the lots allocated to you after payment.
Bidders in writing are requested to pay and collect the wines no later than five days after the auction. Wines can also be sent to you. Ask for our terms and conditions without obligation.

Why does a lot remain unsold while I have made a bid?
  • If the minimum price does not seem feasible, a lot is not sold.
  • A lot is withdrawn from the auction.


How can I register for the auction?
  • In the auction room. An identification proof can be requested.
  • You can register on the website.
  • By e-mail or by telephone. An identification and / or other information can be requested.
What does 'On this lot the deductible 21% VAT is due' mean by a lot?

If a lot is marked with 'On this lot the deductible 21% VAT is due', the hammer price is exclusive of 21% recoverable VAT

What does one regard as a lot?

A lot can consist of one or more bottles. The prices are stated per lot, are indicative excluding 15% buyers commission

When is the catalog available?

The catalog is published on the website 14 days prior to the auction.


How is the price of a lot determined?

The rate will be checked against market-based prices and results from recent auctions. The possible value of the bottles can be determined when the bottles are physically in our hands. State of the bottle, capsule, label, level etc. are some parameters that can determine the price.

How much is the input (vendors) commission?

The standard commission is 5%.
With larger numbers and certain specific wines, the commission is determined in consultation.

My wines have not been sold, what now?

If lots do not find a buyer, the wines will be offered again in the next auction at a lower minimum price or they will be returned to the seller.

What is a consignment agreement?

A consignment agreement is a contract between the seller and on which all conditions, agreements and inserted wines are mentioned.

What is a minimum price?

The minimum price is the minimum hammer price below which is not sold. See the conditions

When can we have the results of the auction?

The results of the wines you have brought in are delivered the following Wednesday after the auction.

When should the wines be at

By agreement, a date is determined on which the wines should be physically in our possession.

When will I be paid?

You will be paid the sum by bank transfer no later than three weeks after the end of the auction.

When will my wines be auctioned?

After wines have been made available to, they will be offered in the next auction unless otherwise agreed.